MMMMAVRONA Shared Bank Mutual Aid Fund Financial Social Network



I. Foreword: What Do We Live for?

Have you ever thought of in daily life that you were born for a great cause?

Other than trapped in a boring and desperate life?

Force yourself to work for others, busy yourself for living, but get back very little income every day?

People should live for happiness and interest, should not be slaves of money!

But, pushed by life, we work for money! Waste the whole life time this way!

Every one has only one life, never gain! Never!!!

Have you thought of it? If so, then we are alike!

Only financial revolution could break money shackles, liberate people from money slavery in the thousands of years and save ourselves! The financial disaster of "financial enlightenment" is inevitable! Let's hand in hand to change the world!

Attention!Yes, it's possible to get the monthly income of up to 30%, but this is not a high-risk investment project!

It is a community where ordinary people help each other unselfishly. It is a global mutual aid fund. This model allows each participant to cast off the slaved money-making life! This brings the confidence and hope for common people to get rid of material shackles and realize dream. This is the most important! In this greedy and material world, it is a new sprout; in this modern world of no soul and human indifference, we are not living for money, but destroying the unequal financial system and initiating a financial revolution! Before you join, make sure to read our ideas and reading warnings!



II. The Truths behind the World

1. A brief history of currency development

1)Ancient Ages; consensus of barter -- inconvenient for exchange and circulation;

2)Medieval Ages; consensus of gold/solver - exchange between gold/silver and articles, accelerated circulation, surplus value can be stored in gold and silver;

3)Late Antiquity; Virtual consensus of silver tickets and paper money-- Exchange between silver tickets/paper money and articles, fast circulation;

4.Modern; Virtual consensus of electronic currency -- exchange between electronic currency and articles, very fast circulation;

5)Future Trends; Virtual consensus of cryptocurrency -- cryptocurrency breaks exchange barriers; free worldwide circulation of wealth;

6)Ultimate Trends; The combination of articles and cryptocurrency -- letting financial bank full of deception return to the real world; automatic global payment system;


Exchanging articles for articles in ancient times - Exchanging gold and silver for articles - Exchanging gold and silver for credit silver tickets --Exchanging credit silver tickets for articles - Financial bank deception begins

Countries issue credit paper money - paper money is used for exchanging articles - paper money is used to exchange electronic currency - electronic currency is used to exchange articles

In the future, the currency form will be transformed from cryptocurrency to the combination of articles and cryptocurrency. The real value will return to the initial stage. Bank deception and currency overissue fraud will eventually be revolutionized!



2. Nature of war history

Throughout the history of human development: Plundering wars among ethnic tribes in the primitive society -- plundering wars in the slavery society -- plundering wars among imperial power aristocracy under hereditary feudalism -- worldwide plundering wars -- relatively civilized global financial plundering war, we can see that although the plundering form has changed, its plundering nature did not.


After World War II, the whole world has been divided and the world's economic prosperity has been basically in the high-speed development stage. The world turned calm after political plundering wars, while the world's financial plundering wars never stopped. In short, whether violent wars or financial wars, all wars are rooted in the struggle for capital. Human greed and ugliness have never changed even after thousands of years.


Financial bankers led by U.S. Federal Reserve control almost the whole world. They spread an invisible financial web across the world, in which the people all over the world are ensnared, so that we are unknowingly turned into the "slaves" of bank capitalists. Money gradually becomes people's yoke. This reveals the financial truth behind the world's unequal financial rules developed by main powers, and shows the greed and ugliness of human.



3. Financial bank scam

1) What is money?

Money is the "shackles" imposed by government and bank on people. Without money, you can do nothing: Can't buy food, can not cure diseases. We have been accustomed to doing anything with money, we enjoy it. However, money are just papers printed by banks, but these papers are used to pay people as work salary. The Federal Government of the United States can print banknotes without external inference; the central bank and other countries are supervised by them. Theoretically, people can print as much money as they like. Money is just a tool to enslave all the people; we are all slaves of money. More specifically, we are slaves of banknote printers. They are our masters.


We are still living in a society where people enslave people, just like thousands years ago. Nearly nothing has changed from then on. The only difference is that iron shackles has been replaced with economic shackles, with the other things remaining the same; slaveholders and slaves still exist. Slaveholders are those who print paper money. Are you surprised?

What is money? Nothing! Worthless. Money is ghost! Illusion! And Nothing! Just exquisitely decorated colored paper with different watermarks, badges and pictures (generally portrait of a great man, looking respectful). The number of money can be printed at the will of slaveholders. Money is just packing paper, given to slaves by slaveholders as "work payment". Slaveholders solemnly educate slaves to "earn money honestly", but slaves listen them without hesitate. Since born, slaves have been brainwashed by this huge and organized brainwasher with books, booklets, films, public media and other effective ways. This is a huge, merciless but highly effective brainwasher. Slaves know nothing, but to them, the world should be like this, no other possibility. However, this is not the fact, they can change everything!



2) Federal Reserve of pyramid

How does a financial system work? It is a pyramid. The Federal Reserve, i.e., the Federal Reserve System, stands at the spire and is responsible for printing dollars. They can print as much as possible! Of course, the Federal Reserve sticks to some internal rules and regulations; for example, it tries not to print too many dollars to prevent money depreciation. But in principle, it can print as much as possible, without external restriction at least. Absolutely! In terms of management, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency of US government. As a central bank of the country, the Federal Reserve is empowered by US congress. That we say it runs independently is because its making of currency policy is not approved by American president or any other administrative or legislative department. The Federal Reserve is not funded by the congress.

The whole financial world is just like a pyramid: The Federal Reserve is at the spire, followed by central banks of different countries in the middle, while local banks are at the bottom. Under the pyramid are financial slaves. Banks are loyal servants of the Federal Reserve; they are the biggest vampires, always sucking our blood, and even the blood of our children and grandchildren. Banks plays the role of 'blood vessels' in the social organism; through these blood vessels, money (blood) flows from the heart (central bank) to all the organs. Money (blood) flushes these organs to keep them alive!

But, why do bankers live 100 times better than ordinary people who work hard really? Do bankers work harder? Absolutely no! How could they work less, but reap hundreds of dollars? Because, they grow money with money, with debt and with nothing! They have countless depositors who would not withdraw money simultaneously. Unless run upon in panic, banks do not have to repay virtual debts forever.



3) Financial disaster


What's wrong with today's world? People all over the world are thinking about it. Every country in the world is looking for the answer.


Every year national banks issue excessive currency, resulting in endless depreciation and shrinkage of wealth of the world's people.


The global economic crisis occurs every decade or so, robbing the wealth of the world's working people;


The global science and technology develops at a high speed, the intellectual age liberates the world workers, and in the future people have no work to do;


The world's bankers and capital oligarchs monopolize the world's resources, and common people will never see the light of day!


The truth behind finance shows the greed and ugliness, deceit and corruption of human, which put the global economy on the brink of collapse. Bankers and oligarchs manipulate the fate of the world's people through an unequal financial order, and they also plunder the fruits of working people like poisonous snakes and beasts. Material and money become the yoke of life, and people become free slaves of civilized times.


Some say that labour creates wealth, but the working people of the world are just always slaves of bankers and oligarchs. In real life, children's high educational expenses, high taxes, high medical expenses, high bank debts and high house prices will make future generations always their financial slaves.


The history of the world shows that people have never changed the power slavery for thousands of years. Human history changed from political power colonization, to financial power colonization, and cultural power colonization. All kinds of unequal financial rules are artificially designed. People have been influenced by the world's collective consciousness from birth, and bewildered by the power culture. People unwittingly become slaves of power ideology. Without any discernment or resistance consciousness, they are forced to linger on with their last breath of life according to the law of survival of the power food chain. They lose self-consciousness unconsciously. Fish in the water does not know water; people in the air do not know the air. How unconscious they are for everything. Ancestors have been used to this, while people think that the world should be like this. Let's hand in hand to change the world! Destroy the world's unequal financial order,



III. Birth and Development History of MMM

1. One of the Greatest, Bravest, Most Mysterious and Most evolutionary Personages -- MMM Founder Sergey Mavrodi



Sergey Mavrodi made it clear that he would only point out a golden boulevard of "financial revolution" for people. He pointed out that financial disaster of "Financial Enlightenment" was inevitable. Break the old world, build a new world, destroy unequal financial order, decentralize, carry out de-oligopoly, and create a fairer, opener, more transparent, authentic and sincerer financial world! Hope that people no longer become the financial banker's card slaves and debt slaves, emancipate the people under financial enslavement, release the material shackles, let the spiritual soul fly freely, and return life back to happy home! Let's change the world together and enjoy a better life!


Sergey Mavrodi (Aug. 11, 1955 to Mar. 26, 2018)

Sergey Mavrodi was born in Soviet's common middle-class family on August 11, 1955 in Moscow.

Sergey Mavrodi is Member of Russian Parliament, Duma member, well-known entrepreneur, financier, mathematician, thinker, writer, programming engineer, and Sambo wrestling master. He loves writing novels and poems. Over 300 literary works sell well in bookstores, his poems were written into songs; two plays were made into films. MMM Financial Pyramid and River have been produced based on him.



In 1989, he set up "MMM" Cooperative together with partners;

On October 20, 1992, established the Financial Institution of MMM Joint Stock Company;

Founded the MMM-2011 Global Financial Mutual Aid Community in February 2011 and changed it to MMM Global Mutual Aid Fund in the following year.

Up to 2018, global mutual aid funds had reached $500 billion, with more than 250 million participants, covering 137 countries and regions.



2.Glorious history of MMM

1) History of MMM




In 1989, Sergey Mavrodi established "MMM" Cooperative with partners, the largest IT product dealer in Russia's Far East.

On October 20, 1992, MMM Corporation repeatedly provided the Moscow residents with "Free One-day Subway Trip", and became a well-known brand.

MMM began selling shares on February 1, 1994, which were snapped up soon. In the same month, MMM issued internal coupons (without warranty and engagement; printed with head portrait of Sergey Mavrodi; the face value was 1000 rubles). There were offices in more than 60 cities across the country. They were sold in thousands of retail stores, and could be converted into MMM shares, rubles and U.S. dollars at any time. MMM won great success. Within half a year, the value of MMM coupons increased by 127 times, millions of participants were involved, and $1-1.5 billion totaled, accounting for one-third of the country's budget. MMM coupons were sold every day, earning 40 billion rubles during the rush hour.




MMM held various activities to attract investors. "MMM-94 Miss" caused a sensation throughout Russia. MMM's advertisements appeared in Russian radio, television and almost all newspapers reporting information on MMM coupons sales. MMM's advertisement "Today is more expensive than yesterday!" was regularly broadcast on the Russian Central Television: As the founder, Sergey Mavrodi hoped that MMM could walk out of Russia and develop globally. However, MMM's great success alerted the governments; they wanted to take over MMM, but Sergey Mavrodi refused for the benefit of participants. However, Russian government didn't let it go; they were deliberate to ban the community, charging him with fraud, arresting him and confiscating all the money of participants.






On August 4, 1994, the Russian government stepped in MMM Corporation and arrested Sergey Mavrodion the charge of tax evasion with special policemen leaping in through the window. The officer who arrested him told Sergey Mavrodi that if he did not arrest Mavrodi, another two months later, there would be no government and no president, but only you Sergey Mavrodi ! The arrest on the apartment was broadcast live on all television channels. Sergey Mavrodi was arrested for "tax evasion" in the apartment on Komsomolskidi Boulevard. The MMM headquarters on Varshavskoye Highway was attacked the same day. According to eyewitness' accounts at the time of police investigation, the authorities took away 17 trucks of cash from MMM.


On September 2, 1997, MMM Corporation was destroyed by interest groups artificially and it declared bankruptcy.


2) Development and renaissance of MMM--2011




In his video blog published on January 10, 2011, Sergey Mavrodi announced the decision to establish a new financial pyramid and announced the launch of "MMM--2011, we can change the world!" In February 2011, he established MMM-2011 Global Financial Mutual Aid Community. MMM-2011 reorganized MMM with lessons drawn from 1994. Sergey Mavrodi thought that money should not be put in the same place. MMM basically doesn't have any money, and doesn't touch a penny. All the money are in the accounts of participants, completely bypassing government supervision and avoiding all potential legal problems. Just after the online start of MMM, participants were basically participants of Western European countries; about 350,000 members participated in MMM-2011. Sergey Mavrodi changed his role, from the founder to a "consultant". Every week, he made videos for community members, and offered them suggestions and advice.







In 2012, Government media in those countries also begun to report publicly and assert Sergey Mavrodi to engage in a Ponzi scheme. Like the MMM-94, the government began to create panic, and the media to publish a negative article every 15 minutes on average. Participants' panic was completely from the media! They arrested 10 groups of managers, banned advertising and closed offices, resulting in quick expansion of panic. Then his assistant betrayed him, and some big managers ran off in secret with money. In May 2012, MMM-2011 declared a failure! On June 16, 2012, Sergey Mavrodi announced the re-launch of MMM and changed it to Global Mutual Aid Fund with a brand-new MMM-2012 system.


In early November 2013, MMM started "suspension mode". This mode was only started in an emergency. Participant would not lose money in MMM, but only temporarily could not get interest. After next 2 to 5 months, they could also get back the interest. This was the start of the new MMM. Since then, MMM had spread in more Western European countries, and flourished in countries such as India! By the end of 2013, MMM had expanded to the scale of 35 million members, from all over the world.

In 2014, Sergey Mavrodi launched MMM-Global to allow MMM to cover the world. MMM-Global-Bitcoin Bitcoin Republic is a branch of MMM's foreign division. With Bitcoin payment, no borders would exist and global participants would have no barriers for money transfer. Every day, there were people from different countries participating in MMM-Global, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Bitcoin Republic System was another innovation of MMM. By the end of 2014, the number of members reached 70 million.

In 2015, communities were established in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, East Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and other countries, and the "Bitcoin Republic" MMM was launched. The global payment through bitcoin was vigorously promoted and popularized. MMM was a powerful push for the increasing price of Bitcoin. MMM started its charity. In different countries, MMM leaders distributed foods to the poverty-stricken people, offered school supplies for students; by the end of the year, the number of members reached 150 million.

In April 2016, Sergey Mavrodi announced the failure of MMM-Global-Bitcoin trial and to establish dozens of independent communities to transfer MMM-Global-Bitcoin's participants in different countries to communities of their respective countries. Participants of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan were incorporated into Chinese community. MMM continued the global development, with Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other communities established. Over 200 million members from 118 countries participated in these communities.

MMM developed more rapidly in 2017. Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Australia and Latin America communities were set up. By 2018, there had been at least 50 independent communities, and more than 250 million participants from 137 countries and regions. Mutual Aid Funds were worth more than $500 billion.




On March 26, 2018, Sergey Mavrodi had a sudden myocardial infarction beside a bus stop and died at the age of 62.





On April 6, 2018, MMM Global Mutual Aid Fund System was closed worldwide and stopped operation.


4) MMM map, the countries with the most participants

?China ?India ?Indonesia ?Japan ?Nigeria ?Brazil ?America ?Turkey ?South Africa ?Spain


5) Official websites of MMM's 50 global communities:


China http://chinammm.la

Japan http://japan-mmm.net/

Republic of Korea http://korea-mmm.net/

India http://india-mmm.net/ or http://www.mmmindia.in/

Indonesia http://indonesia-mmm.net/

Malaysia http://malaysia-mmm.net/

Singapore http://singapore-mmm.net/

Thailand http://thailand-mmm.net/

Vietnam http://vietnam-mmm.net/

Cambodia http://cambodia-mmm.net/

The Philippines http://philippines-mmm.net/

Pakistan http://pakistan-mmm.net/

Bangladesh http://bangladeshmmm.com/

Turkey http://turkey-mmm.net/

Saudi Arabia http://saudiarabia-mmm.net/

Kuwait http://kuwait-mmm.net/

and Myanmar http://myanmar-mmm.net/


South Africa http://rsa-mmm.co/

East Africa http://ea-mmm.net/

Lesotho http://lesotho-mmm.net/

Nigeria http://nigeria-mmm.net/

Morocco http://morocco-mmm.net/

Namibia http://namibia-mmm.net/

Egypt http://egypt-mmm.net/

Botswana http://botswana-mmm.net/

Uganda http://uganda-mmm.net/

Ghana http://ghana-mmm.net/

Kenya http://kenya-mmm.net/

and Angola https://angola-mmm.net/





U.S. http://usa-mmm.net/

Jamaica http://jamaica-mmm.net/

Venezuela http://venezuela-mmm.net/

Colombia http://colombia-mmm.net/

Brazil http://brazil-mmm.net/

Mexico http://mexico-mmm.net/

Peru http://peru-mmm.net/

Argentina https://argentina-mmm.net/

Ecuador https://ecuador-mmm.net/

and Latin America https://www.laglobal-mmm.net/

Oceania: 1

Australia http://australia-mmm.net/



IV. Who Is the Mission Successor of MMM?

After Sergey Mavrodi death, there were various models of MMM mutual aid fund systems around the world, but which was MMM's successor?


MMM outage was designed to avoid the sacrilege of Sergey Mavrodi's ideas. This is actually the best option because it completely retains Sergey Mavrodi's ideology and mission. MMM's thoughts, missions and faith will go as long as the universe exists!


Whoever can profoundly interpret Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts, missions and faith, walk into his life, feel his soul, integrate with his thoughts and missions, and continue to fulfill Sergey Mavrodi's unfinished missions and aspirations will be the true successor of Sergey Mavrodi's thought password, and the promoter, pusher and leader of MMM Mutual Aid Fund Model!



However, those who hold up the Flag of MMM Mutual Aid not only discard Sergey Mavrodi's ideology and missions, but also use MMM Mutual Aid Model as a tool for money accumulation. By the use of non-open or non-transparent centralized system information, no supervision and audit, and arbitrary addition of accounts for making collections, many dishonest system administrators disrupt market trust, deceive global participants, and make them completely trapped in a hoax of naked money game fraud. They are deceivers who sullied the thoughts of MMM's founder Sergey Mavrodi, culprits who make more people misunderstand MMM's Mutual Aid Model, and historical sinners who hinder the mind emancipation movement and financial revolution. So today MMM Mutual Aid Community members must sharpen their eyes and identify deceivers in disguise.


Everyone has different understandings and perspectives of the all things in the universe and nature because of different cultural genes. In fact, the depth felt by the heart is the height of the life, and also the remuneration of the life. MMMMAVRONA Mutual Aid Community is the greatest monastery of life, where you can feel the world and love more deeply, thus enhancing your life height!


Man's life is just over a hundred years, only like a fleeting lightning in the long river of space and time. It is insignificant like a drop in the ocean. The meaning of life lies in information transmission, consciousness evolution and life continuation. In the vast universe, only people's thoughts can travel through time and space. Since human life and wisdom are limited by time and space, humans usually degenerate into mediocrity. Great men are great because they have the mind across time and space and the eyes of God. For those who did not affect people's thinking or change people's destiny when they were alive, no one will know you've lived after they die. So, too many people seem to live, but they are already dead. Although some great men were already dead, they still exist in people's heart. Future persons can carry out infinite life dialogues with great men. Great men's thoughts and ideology still affect the posterity and change the destiny of future people. Only thoughts can cross the infinite time and space. This is the final interpretation of life.


Petroleum and electricity are not invented but discovered by human. When you open the eyes of God in your heart and soul, you can discover a brand new world. Let's break the old world together and build a new world. MMMMAVRONA will finally release life energy, emit bright light, become a light illuminating the whole dark universe,and become the final ascription of each person's life and soul.





The Advent of Technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract

-------Sergey Mavrodi's Great Mission Can Finally Be Achieved!

1. Origin of MMMMAVRONA

The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract System of MMMMAVRONA. is a model developed by the core programmer team of MMM System who rewrites the algorithmic mechanism according to the data analyses of global participants, and improves the system rules. Based on theory and practice of the MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi, the revolution is made in an innovative way that Mavrodi's thoughts and ideas and MMM Mutual Aid Fund Model are integrated into the technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract, which defuses the natural contradiction between participants and administrators, re-establishes the trust of the financial banking industry, and reshapes the global centralized financial order. Its original mixing model of "Shared Bank + Mutual Aid Model + Jackpot Model + Decentralized System + Blockchain Smart Contract + Dollar-anchored Cryptocurrency" effectively solves a series of problems such as non-open and non-transparent centralized system data, no fair and equitable mechanism, management's inside story or abscondence, low efficiency of system customer service, bureaucracy of system administrators, dishonesty of participants, account stolen and fund security, leakage of personal information, destruction of cycle by speculators, the spread of false news resulting in panic and run on a bank, etc., and also solves the problem that when community members participate in the mutual aid fund system, they will suffer losses due to the rise or fall of the currency price. At the same time, the long-term holding of the dollar-anchored cryptocurrency is equal to the holding of dollars, which crosses the barriers of foreign exchange control imposed by countries, allows their wealth to synchronize with the dollars, and really realizes long-term preservation, appreciation, increment, safety and stability of wealth.



2. MMMMAVRONA Model; Four Dimensions / Four in One

? Technology-based smart contract: Blockchain smart contract technology can prevent system administrators from being dishonest, cheating, deceiving, stealing money and absconding, and put an end to administrators' control over the system. Innovations on technologies and modes certainly can destroy dishonest centralized financial order and system.

?Material-based financial model: The system mechanism constrains participants from speculating, solves the problem of dishonest participants' malicious destruction of the system, and ultimately achieves the global financial revolution. Money circulates among participants, thus generating value. There is no exploitation by middlemen and bankers, and thus participants have money and time to enjoy a better life.

? Spirit-based mutual aid community: Global participants help each other, so that the undisguised financial game and human ugliness would be turned to the feeling and experience of love help,, and the help experience is the greatest spiritual practice in life. Your spiritual height determines your perception of things.

? Soul-Emancipate the mind: Establish beliefs of the mutual aid community with cultural thoughts, emancipate the mind that is enslaved by financial power, get rid of the shackles of money, let the spiritual soul fly freely, and return life back to happy home! Break the old world, build a new world, destroy unequal financial order, and let's change the world together.



3. What is MMMMAVRONA ?

MMM is not a bank, has no central account, does not collect your MONEY; MMM is not an online business, an investment or a sales program. It is neither a company, nor an enterprise. There is no boss, no owner, no office space, no formal organization, no legal entity, no business, no investment or no other activities of any form. MMM is a community where people help each other. Here, people provide help free of charge, and are absolutely conscious to remit to each other directly, from one account to another, for direct currency exchange; all funds are circulated among participants; no intermediary or intermediate link can touch the money. Only millions of common participants remit for providing help through personal account. Only with good will, one person provides help to another person in need of help, absolute free of charge. Today you help others, and tomorrow others will help you. Just no more!


MMM provides technology and basic course and helps millions of global participants in need of help and those who are ready to provide help. Blockchain smart contract system only plays the role of dispatcher matching supply and demand. It only connects those who want to provide help and those who want to get help.

MMM is a community where common people help each other. It is a global mutual aid fund. People provide financial assistant to each other on the principle of free charge, selflessness, mutual benefit and mercy. In MMM system, you do not need to sign a contract or mortgage properties and there is no creditor or obligor, everything is simple: One participant asks for help, while another one capable provides help. The only requirement of MMM for participants is honest and kind to each other. When you need financial assistance, you applies for help; when you are able to provide help, you do. In transactions, participants use dollar-anchored cryptocurrency for transfer. This is the best method for participants of different countries to make smooth remittance.



Now, let's see an example. If you want to provide the help of $ 100 to another community member in need, there are two big buttons on the home page: "Provide help" and "Get help", and please click "Provide help" to input the help amount to generate an order. MMM system would match a community participant in need of help; you transfer to the participant by paying the help amount. Just in this way, you can finish the whole process of providing help. In your "User Center", you will get the reward of 100 Mavro and the reward would grow immediately! Your Mavro will grow at 1% per day, up to 30% monthly; just in a month, the initial 100 Mavro will grow into 130 Mavro. However, this does not need to wait a month; by the 15th day, you may apply for getting help from others; just by clicking "Get help" on the home page of MMM system, you would get financial assistance from other participants in the world. Just like you did, they transfer the money to you; just in this way, you turn your Mavro of MMM system into the fund needed for your daily life. The operation is simple and you will be clear just after one use. This model allows each participant to cast off the slaved money-making life!

The operation model of MMM is similar to that of banks, insurance companies and pension funds, and the difference is that your money is not invested, consumed, or paid in the way that banks and financial institutions do. MMM system does not manage the money, while the money is circulated among participants and not embezzled to any other thing. MMM system only plays the role of matching supply and demand. There is no deceit here. Being completely true and sincere, open and transparent, fair and just, this is also the faith of the community!



Peopleused to deposite their cash in banks, insurance funds or pension fund institutions. But in fact, these institutions have easily misappropriated the money from the people in a lifetime of hard work to other purposes. When you need to withdraw cash, the money you have withdrawn is actually a deposit from other customers, not the money you deposited, so all the banks and financial institutions are lying. The closer to the core of money and power, the more human greed and ugliness. Any centralization has a huge risk, and only blockchain smart contract can be completely trusted. You do not need to trust anyone, for the blockchain data do not deceive anyone. The blockchain is the machine to build trust. This is the value of blockchain.



4. Why does MMMMAVRONA adopt the dollar-anchored cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency MAVRONAis issued in a dollar-anchored way, which is open, transparent, non-tamperable, traceable and decentralized, etc. It has solved the regime barrier of free exchange and free trade of national legal currency, and coruscated the new monetary vitality. The Paxos Standard token is a new digital asset issued by Paxos Trust Company and regulated by the New York Financial Service Department, mortgaged at 1:1 in U.S. dollar in full. The Paxos Standard combines the advantages of blockchain technology with the regulation of financial regulators, plus dollar endorsement and valued assets for trade, and thus it is reliable and secure. As a cryptocurrency in line with the ERC20 smart contract standard, Paxos Trust Company is able to make up for the instability in the digital currency market by delivering on the underlying technology network of the Ethernet ERC20.

MMMMAVRONA System is one of the first batch of ERC20 smart contract blockchain technologies in the world, in which participants use PAX, a cryptocurrency, which is anchored to U.S. dollar, authorized by US official financial institutions, and freely traded on the world's major digital currency exchanges. It solves the problem that when community members participate in the mutual aid fund system, they will suffer losses due to the rise or fall of the currency price. At the same time, the long-term holding of the dollar-anchored cryptocurrency is equal to the holding of dollars, which crosses the barriers of foreign exchange control imposed by countries, allows their wealth to synchronize with the dollars, and really realizes long-term preservation, appreciation, increment, safety and stability of wealth.


5. How decentralized and centralized systems differ in operation principle

1) The operation principles of MMMMAVRONA Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract System

The system information flow runs independently on the blockchain contract code and is not controlled by human, and the capital flow runs among all participants

MMMMAVRONA Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract is to write the traditional contract terms into the blockchain in the form of code. The contract mechanism is code, namely law of the system. Once participants trigger certain terms of the contract, the contract code will be automatically executed, completely independent of any person's control. It is hard for breach of contract. The code does not know who you are, and it has no emotion or interest relationship. As long as you meet its conditions, it will be executed immediately. Blockchain smart contract does not need mutual trust because it is enforced by code and is completely free from any human factors controlling its execution. Blockchain contract mechanism and data can't be tempered with. It is fair, just, open and transparent, and everybody can trace blockchain data. Its operation is not affected by the control of any centralized administrator.

The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract of MMMMAVRONA is more honest than any bank or any licensed financial institution (by 100 times)! There will be no trick or cheat here, any more! This is a real global mutual aid fund where the system belongs to participants wholly and participants also constitute the system. The system only plays the role of dispatcher matching supply and demand. It only provides the matching operation between help provider and help needer, and it only connects those who want to provide help and those who need help. The blockchain technology revolution not only brings light to the world where there is fraud, but also subverts the dishonest and violating phenomena that are caused by the centralized model of traditional financial and banking industry. The Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract System eliminates the natural contradiction between participants and administrators fundamentally, reestablishes the trust mechanism of financial banking and reshapes the global centralized financial order.


2) The operation principles of traditional centralized mutual aid system;

System administrators control information flow, and capital flow circulates among participants

The centralized mutual aid system's operation and storage are carried out on the central server, and the system is programmed in PHP and other languages. The system management rights are concentrated in administrators. All the backend data are controlled by administrators, who completely control the system. The data administrators of the system have the right to modify operation rules, shut down the system and so on. Humans control system data and designate supply-demand matching information, so there is a great deal of system administrators' cheating, arbitrarily-added accounts, payments included in their accounts, embezzlement and abscondence with money, and so on. Many dishonest system administrators disrupt market trust, deceive kind participants, deviate from Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts and mission, and turn MMM Mutual Aid Fund into a hoax of naked money game scheme.


In the past, trust has always been a problem among people, and between people and institutions in the field of traditional finance for a long time. Banks, securities, stock markets, foreign exchange, lottery, private equity, P2P, funds circle, currency circle, etc., there are all kinds of frauds and abscondence with money everywhere. "Corpses" cover the plain. "Blood" is flowing over the ground like water. People are almost desperate about centralized institutional administrators. People used to believe in human, but the blockchain smart contract has completely upended the old trust model so that people trust no one but only trust the code of decentralized blockchain contract mechanisms.


3) The operation principles of the traditional centralized financial system;

System administrators control capital flow and information flow

In the centralized system, system data and capital operation are controlled by human, the central repository of money manages all the money, and administrators can arbitrarily divert and allocate money for other things. So the centralized financial model hides great deception risk.

Under the centralized model in the past, administrators engaged in inside story, cheated, and stole money. The management and control are centered in the hands of a few people. The rules of the game and all backend data mechanisms are controlled by administrators. All the money are stored in bank accounts or digital wallet of the system administrators, so the central administrators are free to do what they like. Deception refers to deceiving everyone about the whereabouts of money, concealing the truth, engaging in inside story, and stealing people's money. These behaviors belong to disguised plunder. They are civilized financial robbers. The closer to money and power, the more human ugliness. Any centralization has a huge risk, and only blockchain smart contract can be completely trusted. You do not need to trust anyone, for the blockchain data do not deceive anyone. The blockchain is the machine to build trust. This is the value of blockchain.

Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts and ideas are deeply implanted in the soul of MMMMAVRONA team!

They use their life to interpret the core concept of MMM Mutual Aid Fund and assume Sergey Mavrodi's mission to continue to move forward and innovate.



VI. Mission and Vision of MMMMAVRONA

Sergey Mavrodi had long understood that banks would have no way to cheat and enslave the kind and ignorant people as long as people's money was not deposited in banks. The MMM model before 1994 put all the money in MMM Corporation, and did not deposit money in banks. Such behavior was actually against banks and other interest groups in public. Therefore, Sergey Mavrodi was jailed because of political persecution.

MMM-2011 reorganized MMM with lessons drawn from 1994. Sergey Mavrodi thought that money should not be put in the same place. MMM basically doesn't have any money, and doesn't touch a penny. All of the money is in the accounts of participants. MMM only connects those who want to provide and receive help, completely bypassing government regulation and avoiding all potential legal problems. But at the same time, it has lost the core power of destroying the unequal financial order, because as long as the money is deposited in the bank, the bank will use the money and cheat people. Sergey Mavrodi failed to fulfill his mission, and left the world on March 26, 2018. But the thoughts and ideas that Sergey Mavrodi has struggled for life will be eventually realized all over the world!

1. Five cores of developing ecosystem

? Consensus verification; To create a real cryptocurrency of wealth rather than a virtual consensus symbol.

? Value application; To create a payment system of global cryptocurrency characterized by free circulation without restriction by national barriers.

? Sharing ecology; To develop 5.0 underlying application technology of blockchain smart contract, realize global financial technology sharing, change the deceit situation in the global banking financial field, and let the world full of falsehood and deception return to true sincerity. To achieve decentralization and de-oligopoly financial system, and establish a fairer, opener, more transparent, authentic and sincerer financial world.

? Film and television culture; MMM Financial Pyramid Film is the embryonic form that liberates people's enslavement thought under financial bankers. In the future, we will produce a series of MMM Financial Pyramid Films to expound the truths behind financial banks. Through the film and television culture, Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts and ideas will be spread to the world to wake up more enslaved people. Let us change the world together!

?Literature and art; creative works of Sergey Mavrodi for the whole life have been translated into many versions of different languages to spread to the whole world through the community. In this greedy and material world of no soul and human indifference, human spirits and souls can find their new home through literature and art. Sergey Mavrodi's works are another expression form of his soul. He has hundreds of literary works, tens of songs and tens of entertainment videos.



2. Social application value of ecosystem

Money deposited in the banking system is displayed in figures in the form of bookkeeping. The figures of the banking system are equal to the banknotes issued by the country, which represent the country's future credit and the wealth symbol in the country's forced consensus rather than wealth itself. For example, Zimbabwe and other countries issued excessive currency resulting in its devaluation. This is a huge disaster for ordinary people and also the world's biggest bank fraud.

Foreign exchange barrier in all countries restricts the free currency circulation in the world. Transnational transfers face many problems such as multiple bank institutions involved, high commissions and low processing efficiency. Foreign exchange controls in different countries hamper the process of world integration.

In the MMM Mutual Aid Fund, everyone can participate equally and freely without distinction. Why can't people put their money in their own pockets and exchange it with each other instead of putting it in the bank and letting intermediaries control it? Why don't people manage their wallet by themselves and dominate the capital circulation in society? The root cause is that, under the existing financial system, even if people are the creators of resources, the society does not give people the right to participate in finance and control social resources. In addition, the financial oligarchs make themselves perpetual creditors and other people perpetual slaves by the use people's ignorance of the financial cycle. MMM system can realize point-to-point capital circulation in society without war or bloodshed, and can re-integrate the world surplus resources, and make capital flow cycle create the necessary value for the people. That's why MMM is great, and also the root cause of interest groups' hatred for MMM.

MMMMAVRONA System is about to complete Sergey Mavrodi's great mission, so that people's money will no longer be deposited and circulated in the banking system. People can truly jump out of the banking system fraud and the barriers, thereby breaking the fence of world's financial banks, pushing down walls, destroying the unequal financial order and bringing the world full of falsehood and deception to return to reality.



3. Faith and mission of MMMMAVRONA

MMMGlobal's 250 million participants in 137 countries and regions, let's hand in hand to change the world!

Destroy the world's unequal financial order. The fire of breaking the old world and building a new world never extinguish!

The fire of MMM's great ideological emancipation movement and financial revolution will once again burn the world and destroy the whole old world full of money shackles!

Sergey Mavrodi's thoughts and ideas are deeply implanted in the soul of MMMMAVRONA team!

who use life to interpret the core idea model of MMM Mutual Aid Fund and assume Sergey Mavrodi's mission to continue to move forward and innovate.

MMMMAVRONA only lives for faith and mission and deduces epoch-making myth and legend!

It is the terminator, subverter, revolutionist, leader and creator in the financial sector. Long live Sergey Mavrodi!



4. MMMMAVRONA's awakening of life and soul

It is still thrilling to interpret today's peaceful world with the international song written by Eugène Edine Pottier more than 130 years ago, a revolutionary poet. The lyrics still shock the soul of working people all over the world and are a wake-up call to life.


Stand up, damned of the Earth. Stand up, prisoners of starvation.

Reason thunders in its volcano, this is the eruption of the end.

Of the past let's make a clean slate. Enslaved masses, stand up, stand up.

The world is about to change its foundation. We are nothing, let's be all.

There are no supreme saviour, neither God, nor Caesar, nor tribune.

Producers, let's save ourselves. Decree the common salvation.

So that the thief expires, so that the spirit be pulled from its prison.

Workers, peasants, we are. The great party of laborers.

The earth belongs only to men; The idle will go to reside elsewhere.

How much of our flesh have they consumed? But if these ravens, these vultures.

Disappear one of these days. The sun will shine forever.

The State oppresses and the law cheats. Tax bleeds the unfortunate.

No duty is imposed on the rich; The rights of the poor is an empty phrase.

The rights of the poor is an empty phrase. Equality wants other laws:

No rights without duties, she says. Equally, no duties without rights.

Hideous in their apotheosis. The kings of the mine and of the rail.

Have they ever done anything other than steal work?

Inside the safeboxes of the gang, what work had created melted.

By ordering that they give it back, the people want only their due.

The kings made us drunk with fumes, peace among us, war to the tyrants!

Let the armies go on strike, stocks in the air, and break ranks.

If they insist, these cannibals on making heroes of us,

They will know soon that our bullets are for our own generals.

This is the final struggle, Let us group together, and tomorrow.

The Internationale, Will be the human race.


Welcome to join MMM's great ideological emancipation movement and financial revolution!

Let's hand in hand to change the world! Destroy the world's unequal financial order, break the old world and build a new world!


Please visit the global website address:www.mmmmavrona.com



VII. MMMMAVRONA Ecosystem Will Eventually Come True!


From the beginning of ancient times, men's intelligence is evolving into a high level as an advanced species day by day. The structure of human life changes with the development of times. Ethnic groups evolve into tribes, and tribes into nations. With the division and cooperation of human beings, there are a lot of social needs. So far, man-made rules and systems constrain highly intelligent humans.

Now, progress has been made in science and technology! The material is rich! But the natural resources have also been destroyed! There is no will of the people! The society is desolate! There are more deceits! Is this kind of civilization a real civilization in a sense? What do the social systems and rules constraint? Why do we need so many laws and regulations to bind humans? Is it not that the higher the civilization, the higher the intelligence, the less the need for institutions? What does this mean? Who defines civilization as a label for whom? The need of human beings to return to the civilization of ancient times is the deepest need of people, the future trends and also the only way to solve the ultimate problem of mankind.

The market behavior function is to let the price return to the value. The appreciation of Bitcoin proves this point! For nine years, the price of Bitcoin has risen by 26 million times, which is rooted in the fact that decentralization is fair and equitable, open and transparent, sincere and trustful. The ideas are in line with natural laws and public feelings. Thus ultra-high popularity is aggregated, and consensus is realized at high efficiency.

The blockchain technology brightens the dark world, and most of Bitcoin's holders are believers in decentralized ideas! Everyone is eager to be the master of his own affairs. People do not want to become the appendage of others. Decentralization respects everyone's subject consciousness, and perfectly realizes the vision that everyone is the center.

In fact, by tracing back to the source, it is found that all civilization and progress of mankind originate from the heart's desire for personality independence and spiritual freedom. Our revolutionary martyrs were willing to shed blood, in order to pursue freedom and equality! So, the lyrics of The Internationale written over 130 years ago is still so straight into the heart and shakes the soul and still can wake the world's dormant people in today's seemingly peaceful era.

Currency can only be issued only by state political powers. Politicians say that who controls the power of issuing the country's currency can be regarded as controlling the state political power. This shows that the issuance of money is unshakable. Under these laws, Satoshi Nakamoto issued a digital currency with no government credit endorsements on the Internet anonymously in 2009, and the digital currency has risen 26 million times over nine years and has been recognized by countries around the world.

Why can private currency issuance become possible? This is because people have the desire to return to the simplicity and innocence of ancient civilization. The gold and silver of the ancient times, as the medium of currency, were not uniformly issued by the country and institution, but by anyone who owned gold and silver. Gold and silver are stored in the underground. There is a fixed quantity. No center control its belonging. Anyone can dig them out for use. Anyone who digs them out can issue them. Bitcoin's issuance principles are the same as those of the ancient gold and silver issuance mechanism. There are fixed 21 million coins in the virtual network, which are never increased and can not be tampered with. More importantly, Bitcoin has no center. Anyone who digs them out can issue them. This is a consensus mechanism. The market plays a decisive role without forced consensus.

Why did so many economists, financiers, bankers and politicians around the world not invent Bitcoin, but Satoshi Nakamoto did anonymously? As long as you think deeply, you can come to the conclusion.