MMM is not a bank, has no central account, does not collect your MONEY; MMM is not an online business, an investment or a sales program. It is neither a company, nor an enterprise. There is no boss, no owner, no office space, no formal organization, no legal entity, no business, no investment or no other activities of any form. MMM is a community where people help each other. Here, people provide help free of charge, and are absolutely conscious to remit to each other directly, from one account to another, for direct currency exchange; all funds are circulated among participants; no intermediary or intermediate link can touch the money. Only millions of common participants remit for providing help through personal account. Only with good will, one person provides help to another person in need of help, absolute free of charge. Today you help others, and tomorrow others will help you. Just no more!

MMM provides technology and basic course and helps millions of global participants in need of help and those who are ready to provide help. Blockchain smart contract system only plays the role of dispatcher matching supply and demand. It only connects those who want to provide help and those who want to get help.

MMM is a community where common people help each other. It is a global mutual aid fund. People provide financial assistant to each other on the principle of free charge, selflessness, mutual benefit and mercy. In MMM system, you do not need to sign a contract or mortgage properties and there is no creditor or obligor, everything is simple: One participant asks for help, while another one capable provides help. The only requirement of MMM for participants is honest and kind to each other. When you need financial assistance, you applies for help; when you are able to provide help, you do. In transactions, participants use dollar-anchored cryptocurrency for transfer. This is the best method for participants of different countries to make smooth remittance.

Let's now talk about another point. About honesty. It is important to underline that MMM doesn't cheat or abuse anyone. In other words it is not a cheat or fraud in any case! Everyone is informed about the possible and impossible risks fully and from the very beginning. (And everyone puts a mark during the registration, confirming that he is informed about the warning.) MMM itself is more honest (by 100 times!) than any other bank, or any financial institution with their licenses or permissions. Because they all lie to you, hold or keep back something and so on. And only MMM doesn't keep back you in silence, doesn't hide anything and tell everything honestly and openly. "Yes, You take a great risk!... Yes, no guarantees!... Yes, You may lose everything at any moment!..." - Did You hear the same before anywhere? Only in MMM.

What is a deception ? A deception takes advantage of high ROI, attracts a great number of investors for capital injection and pays for investment interest with newly acquired income. A deception deceives everyone about the whereabouts of money, conceals the truth, engages in inside story, and steals people's money. These behaviors belong to disguised plunder. They are civilized financial robbers.

The operation model of MMM is similar to that of banks, insurance companies and pension funds, and the difference is that your money is not invested, consumed, or paid in the way that banks and financial institutions do. MMM system does not manage the money, while the money is circulated among participants and not embezzled to any other thing. MMM system only plays the role of matching supply and demand. There is no deceit here. Being completely true and sincere, open and transparent, fair and just, this is also the faith of the community!

Honesty, honesty and again honesty! This is the main principle. Honesty, openness and trust. These are the three pillars on which the system stands. Have ever seen before the situation, when absolutely unacquainted people transfer money to each other with no reason? Giving them like a gift actually? Millions and millions of people all over the world, every day? Delirium? Fiction? Utopia? No, it is MMM!

Come and join us! We welcome you! Long live MMM!

Warning! MMM is neither investment, nor business. Money received from MMM system shall not be regarded as an income, but help from global participants. Participants help each other, remit directly, have no intermediary; very simple and clear. No one promises or warrants to pay it! Even if you follow all the instructions, you may possibly lose all the money; no reason or explanation; the only rule is no rule. Always remember it! Only use non-critical reserve fund when you join the system or never join it, Amen. (Before you join, make sure to read our ideas and reading warnings!)