How to join and get monthly income of up to 45%!

What to do if you decide to join MMM? Very easy! Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the recommendation link from recommender, go to the registration page and fill in your registration information.
  2. Go to your personal center, set my personal page.
  3. There are two big buttons on the system home page: "Provide help" and "Get help".
  4. To provide help, please click "Provide help" to input the help amount to generate an order.
  5. MMM system would match a community participant in need of help; you transfer to the participant by paying the help amount.
  6. On the 15th day, click the big button "Get help" and the system would match the order; you will get the transfer from other participants; during this period, 1% yield will be increased daily (up to 45% monthly).
  7. Inviting participants to take part in organized offline activities. For example, booklets with MMM community mark, leaflets, family visit, and small exchange and sharing meetings. By executing offline tasks, you can share your favorites topics to worldwide mainstream social platforms (including YouTub, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo), develop and establish your own communities; therefore, you can obtain more rewards for sharing! Your results depend on how you work.
  8. You can invite people by sharing and get up to 51-layer team reward. You are obliged to the team participants to learn about the community and instruct them to develop more participants by sharing.
  9. We recommended you to input a small fund at the very beginning and make sure that the fund is not important to you. From the start to the end, you need to experience by yourself. From registration to help provision, then to receipt of help. By experience, you will know everything, without any question. You can read the system's detailed rules to understand what MMM is.

Warning! MMM is neither investment, nor business. Money received from MMM system shall not be regarded as an income, but help from global participants. Participants help each other, remit directly, have no intermediary; very simple and clear. No one promises or warrants to pay it! Even if you follow all the instructions, you may possibly lose all the money; no reason or explanation; the only rule is no rule. Always remember it! Only use non-critical reserve fund when you join the system or never join it, Amen. (Before you join, make sure to read our ideas and reading warnings!)